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adding sub and amp

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have had vehicle for about 3 months and want to have a sub and amp installed. I have one that has been used in previous 2 vehicles, just needs wired up.

I am being told by a couple install places that Landrovers are a PIA, have to be torn apart and can get costly to do. They wouldn't know exactly how long or the cost until they tore into it, not the kind of plan im down for.

Can anyone confirm what they are saying?
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Sounds like they aren't familiar with the product, and are scared. They should be. Land Rovers are built pretty well to begin with, and the engineering is meant more to keep everytjing working together rather than adaptability.
You could try to ask you local dealer on who they recommend.
I would not mess with the wiring - could void warranties.

Wait till the warranty is over then mess around with it.

Be warned that newer car designs place a proprietary amplified on the speaker itself so it would be difficult to upgrade.
Mercedes and BMW have done that to reduce signal losses but makes upgrades difficult.
I stopped putting subs and amps in my vehicles when I became a grown up.

Sorry couldn't resist. ;)
thanks for all the replies. im not worried about the warranty relating to the the sound stuff, however if its like the BMW's as mentioned, ill probably live with it. I spoke to dealer and didnt tell me anything i didnt already know (which isnt much). Some of us never grow up so there is my excuse.
djcheez did you get around to putting an amp in your DS. I am quite curious about this since I feel that while the DS upgraded audio package on my DS provides decent sound it still does sound a little hollow. I think an equalizer/amp might do the job but was wondering what path you ended up taking. Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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