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Long ago, I added more lights to the loadspace of my old LR2. For this 2016 DS, it didn't take me long to realize I needed more light back there. IMO, the loadspace lighting is OK most times, but inadequate at night with other cargo back there, or when you're back there working in the dark for ANY amount of time or dexterity. I wanted some new lights to be switched independently of the existing light back there, partly because I was annoyed it turned off so quickly if you left the rear hatch open for any length of time. Wanted them not to blind me when I was at the rear hatch. Luckily, there's a fuse box right back there...
1) I used my multi-meter to identify some empty fuse slots that weren't being used in my car that were hot even after the lights timed out. See pics, these are fuses FD5 and FD7 (manual has descriptions). Dang fuse box is turned 180-degrees from the diagram! I'm using FD7 since it's low amperage, and I'm tapped into FD5 already (see other post about 12V loadspace accessory socket.)

2) Pulled the loadspace mat and cover and the rear-half of that big foam piece that surrounds the spare tire. Popped off the rear tread trim (just pops off!)

3) Removed the rear fuse panel cover and the vent cover on the passenger side that gives you access to the rear tail lights.
4) I used some eagle-eye screw on LED's I got on ebay for cheap (4x 12V 1.5W T12 LED Daytime Running Light Working Lights Eagle Eye Screw on Bulb). Used these because they're semi-directional wide spots lights that lit the area nicely. I found the best location for access and lighting was pointed down and in slightly on the upper piece of the loadspace trim. Find what suits you best and measure twice, mark, and drill a hole as big as the thread post of the LED. (as always: measure twice, cut once).

5) Push aside the weather stripping on this trim and you can get in there with a cheap trim tool (harbor freight) and pop that retaining clip, so you don't break it, to give you a little access. I popped out the factory LED light to make sure I would not hit it with the new light, since it descends a bit into that trim.

6) With holes drilled, feed LED wires in there and fish out of your access holes below. Screw in by grabbing retainer nut with long needle-noses or whatever works and screwing light. Careful not to twist off your wire!!
7) I used some simple insulated, two-conductor wire (grey) I picked up at a local HVAC store, but it's all over Ebay for cheap. Soldered and heat-shrunk to the passenger side LED and fished that down into the spare wheel well. Zip tied to the existing wiring harness all the way to the driver's side and up to and through the fuse box opening.

8) Installed light in driver's side same way. Ran this wire to the fuse box opening.

9) Power: I used an accessory ATO Add-A-Circuit I picked up at O'reilly and put it in one of my hot fuse slots. I used a 5 amp fuse because the lights draw very little current. I used a simple insulated wire to bring power from that tap to the switch (I may go back and use a bigger wire just for ruggedness, but current-wise it's big enough). All my connectors are from an assortment I picked up at harbor freight, and a simple stripper/crimper.

10) The ground: I just used a piece of wire to go from the switch ground to a nut that holds the fuse box in.

11) The switch: I got a lot of twelve 12V rocker switches on Amazon (yueton 12pcs Car Truck Rocker Round Toggle LED Switch On-Off Control, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red). I went for blue. See the product Q/A for switch pin out. I chose the location I did because it's accessible from the back, recessed, and accessible to the fuse box. Drilled my hole with hole-saw same size as the switch, but have to use an Exacto knife to make the small notches for the clips. Ran all the wires through that hole and crimped connectors on them, shrink-wrapped. The super small ones I added a little bit of solder to give the crimped connector something to grab on to. Hooked everything to the switch, tested, and pushed in its hole.

12) Buttoned everything back up and presto!

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