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I ordered roof rails, cross bars, and the Acqua Sports Carrier based on the notion it could carry my surfboards.

It looks like it would do awesome carrying a canoe, but the mouth of the carrier is not wide enough for a surfboard and makes no sense to me. The only instructions I could find on topix with help from members from the forum only show a conoe mounted.

The carrier's part no is VPLGR0107. I called Thule since they make the ewuipment for LR and he said that's not what it should look like... But it does look this way in the topix accessory book.

LR can't give me what I found on topix nor instructions.

Please tell me someone else got this carrier and figured it out..0.

Or tell me you found it to be a redesign flaw as well. I can't currently get my boards to water and am very upset!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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