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2018 Disco Sport DIY Timing Chain Replacement

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Looking for some help. Goin to take on replacing the upper and lower timing chain and timing components (VVT solenoids etc.) myself. I have a US model 2018 Discovery Sport HSE with the 2.0 Ingenium Petrol engine. What parts should I replace while I am in there? (am I missing anything in the list below?) Does anyone have a link to a video of a replacement on the petrol engine? A lot of the parts look like they might be interchangeable between the diesel and petrol engines? Is there a more complete kit for the petrol engine that comes with the timing chains, VVT sprockets etc? Anyone have a good link for the tool kit required to complete this job with the crank lock, cam lock etc?

Parts list so far (looking for help with part numbers):

-Upper and lower timing chain kit (comes with both guides for each chain and the tensioner for each)
-Exhaust cam sprocket/timing adjuster PN#LR142279
-Intake cam sprocket same PN as exhaust? PN#?
-Intermediate sprocket PN#LR124261
-Exhaust Cam VVT Solenoid PN#LR127722
-Intake Cam Solenoid? Is there only one on the exhaust cam? PN#LR126832?
-Fuel pump sprocket?
-Crankshaft sprocket need to replace or is it fixed to the crank?
-Rear main crank seal PN#LR084369 or PN#093852?
-O-Rings x2 PN#?
-Crankshaft Front Cap Plug PN#LR135858
-Upper Timing Cover Gasket PN#LR091809

Thank you very much for any help. Trade in for the car is lucky to be around $10,000 and the dealer quoted me over $5,000 to do the service. I don't believe I have shredded any of the guides yet or anything, it is just throwing timing and misfire related codes with timing related symptoms, no loud rattling or anything yet. Just over 100,000 miles.
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Of course it could just be a sensor. But good luck.
best of luck. I’ve not done this job yet myself so would be great to know how you got on when you are finished. There is a Haynes Manual available. I’ll post the link below but you might want to check out if it fully covers this specific timing chain and it is not a generic tutorial. The Haynes manuals are usually good and a small investment given the scale of the job. Haynes again, best of luck.
Are you sure you need this much work? It seems like you are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at it. I would start with low-cost and easy fixes first until the problem is understood more and found. Dealerships are always the most expensive price options for repairs, did you get a second option from a reputable mechanic?

What’s your driving habit like? How much of the 100k miles is city versus highway miles?

I think you need to think this through more before spending that kind of money. You shouldn’t need a timing chain replacement this soon on your vehicle unless a different issue caused significant wear and tear on components, for example driving with low oil level.
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