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2016 Discovery Sport SE seat upholstery

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Hello Everyone. New to the forum. I don't own a Disco Sport yet, but it's the front-runner for my next SUV.

Not sure if anyone here has an SE or has seen one in person, but does anyone know with certainty what is the "other" material on the seats? The specs mention "partial leather" but no detail on what is the rest of the seat -leatherette or cloth?

Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to the forum.

The SE trim is the base trim in the US and is good if you can find one with some options.

I looked at the SE trim and found the seating material is partial leather but everywhere else is a cloth / vinyl feel similar to the BMW Sensatec interior.
I would get an SE only if it had the minimum options: Vision Assist (Xenon lighting is a must), Climate Comfort (ventilated seats for summer use), Audio Upgrade (satellite & better sound) and Convenience Package (auto rear tailgate - awful to pull up and down especially if you have short person)

My co-worked and I both looked at the SE initially but ended up with higher trims. My co-worker had to have adaptive Xenons and Meridian audio so she got an HSE Lux. I got my needed options (listed above) plus the Driver Assist for automated emergency braking in the HSE trim.

Finance and lease options were better for the HSE Lux and HSE trims at the time we got ours (1 month ago).
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Dealers might also have this information and could have some display showing all the options you may choose from, which will be the next best thing to seeing one in person.
I have a HSE Lux but I got a SE as a service loaner and I have to say the interior was very nice for a lower trim model. I dont think they skimped. Its part leather (or leatherette) and part cloth...but the cloth part is extremely nice material and quite attractive IMO. I was actually impressed with it.
Hello guys! im new here,i,m from Romania and 3 days i will take my girl Natasha home! :))) im an owner of a disco sport SE with 2.2 engine! can t wait to see her. but i have some questions! does this car have issues with ...i don.t know... anything? is a good car? sorry for my bad english...
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