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I have a 2016 LR Discovery Sport TD4 180 HSE. 50,000mls on the clock. Have had it from new and had no real problems with it. Lately I have smelt diesel fumes in the vehicle particularly when stationary. I took it to my local LR dealer who advised it was due to a loose clamp on the turbo which they tightened. Still fumes in the vehicle so took it back. They then said it was due to a seal failure in the turbo so they replaced the turbo (£1600), after a few days smell of fumes in vehicle again.
Researching through this forum it appears this is a common and well known fault with Discovery Sports of similiar age to my vehicle related to a poor quality part which "deforms" as it ages allowing fumes to leak from the turbo.
Can someone advise the actual name of the part and if possible the part number that needs to be replaced. Am planning to take the vehicle to a local garage and not the LR dealer (have given up on the LR dealership for this and other reasons). I would like to be able to tell the mechanic which part to look at and if defective replace.
Am based in the UK and am not mechanically inclined when it comes to cars.
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