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I have the proper hitch on order from the UK so I can move closer to towing with this thing, and at the same time I had them include a 7 pin harness but I am realizing that the UK 7 pin is not the same as its North American counterpart. I thought it would be easy enough to just use that harness and splice on a NA 7 pin receptacle to match our trailer only to realize that the vehicle as seperate stop and turn wires, whereas 7 pin NA trailers have combo stop and turn.

I see adapters for this so I am sure I could make it work, but I wonder how the system in the LR will react to the adapter. In order for the trailer sway assist to work the vehicle has to properly sense the trailer and I do want the system to work.

I searched Land Rover parts in Canada here on their website, and the part my dealer would spec is VPLCT0183. The only issue is I can't see in any pics what 7 pin plug that is. But that is what they are selling here so I would hope it would work.

If anyone in North America with a Discovery Sport has done a 7 pin connection and still had the Trailer Assist working I really welcome your input.

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