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HI Magnus,
thanks for the reply. I am trying to find out what the actual problem is.
Personally I am finished with LR dealerships as they are only trying to on sell/up sell other unrelated (created) problems and the quality of their mechanics is poor.
I recently had an experience where I was treated as if I knew nothing about cars and just walked away leaving my wife to talk to the service manager. I ended up paying for a software upgrade to fix a problem that they caused?!? Still did not work.

The light issue on the console could only be a connection or light issue both of which should cost noting. I accept the labour in removing the console and replacing it may be some cost, but nowhere near the amounts you have mentioned.

I have had this DS since new in 2015 and it is an excellent vehicle in my pinion and we are keeping it for a while still. I am now however, sourcing 'old school' auto mechanics and electricians to deal with the car.

Keep in touch if you have any luck and I will do the same.
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