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2015 Disco Sport aims to convert buyers from other SUVs

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The execs at JLR are expecting that the Discovery Sport will be able to convert buyers from other SUV brands. They are banking on the SUV's more mainstream design, seven-seat option and improved technology. Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America, says that they expect conquests to account for up to 70% of Discovery Sport sales.

The Discovery Sport will be battling against rivals like the Audi Q5 when it goes on sale. JLR is hopeful that the Disco Sport's optional seven-seat configuration will set it apart from such models that only allow 5-seat occupancy.

Do you really think that the Disco Sport's 7-seat option will allow it to make so many conquests on its rivals?

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport expected to attract buyers from rival SUVs
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I'm buying a DS over a Q5/XC60/X3 and I'm a new entrant to the brand, so I am in that 70% bucket. Coming from an A3, so the Q5 was a known quantity, vs the perceived LR reliability stigma wasn't an issue for me as the DS has the Evoque driveline which I have heard only one negative review of.
It's a good aim for LR to have with the disco. One I can easily see happening as people are aware how good LR products are. The disco hits a lot of right cues already which should help it along the way here.
I think that the 70% figure has two parts to it. One is the Disco Sport being a nice vehicle that can attract those buyers, but the other part is JLR not having a ton of customers to start out with. When you don't have many customers to start out with, it just makes sense that a lot of your sales will be conquests.
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