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Hi everyone, I am currently window shopping a pre-facelift L550 and have been perusing the all-terrain wheel and tire combinations people have been running.

I am interested in a 17" setup (perhaps 235/70/17 or 245/70/70) that I believe a few have had success running (perhaps post-lift). I have found a set of steelies here: RT Steel Wheel X47108 Wheel 17x6.5 5x108 Black 42MM- FREE LUG NUTS! that look like they may work (I enjoy the military "wolf" look on my LRs), and they are listed at around 26lbs. For the life of me, I cannot find the stock wheel weights anywhere for the 18"s or 19"s. As AT tires will be adding weight, as well, and this will be a daily driver, I am conscious of the overall unsprung weight. Does anyone know the OEM wheel weights for comparison? Thanks.
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