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Lane Assist
The lane assist will drop lane marking recognition frequently. When driving the the left or right lane markings on the screen will disappear for a time and come back on, also occurring it will drop both sides. Effectively for a time the warning is disabled.

Traffic Sign Recognition
System is both actual sign recognition and/or GPS controlled. The display will not change at times to the correct speed limit even though sign posted and an existing road on GPS for many years. The system will at times pick up the speed limit correctly but suddenly change to three dashes across until another speed sign is picked up. Not a major issue on the roads I normally travel but if I'm traveling on unknown roads I can no longer trust the information.

I'm aware that these are systems are only there as aids to driving and that it is my responsibility to be aware when driving.
The vehicle has been with the dealership several times on these issues without being able to be corrected. Software has latest updates and both cameras and radars have been checked. The vehicle does not throw any error codes and the dealership is unable to get the vehicle to manifest the issues and therefor are unable to fix. Implication has been that if the vehicle was no longer under warranty and I was paying for the repairs that they would change out the cameras!
Has anyone else experienced these issues witheir systems and if so were they fixable? Any help on this would be appreciated.
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