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12V Connector

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We took my wife's Audi on a trip over Thanksgiving so I grabbed my dual USB charger out of the 12v charge in the storage compartment. When I went to install it in my wife's car, I realized that it was shattered. Obviously, it was useless. I ordered another one from Amazon thinking it was the dual USB port charger. However, when I went to install it back in my DS, I realized that the entire 12V charger in the storage compartment had shattered. There were plastic pieces around including the metal "pin" from the dual USB charge. The 12V connector shouldn't be this flimsy. I hope this is a warranty issue. I guess I'll have to take it in sooner than I expected to get this fixed (my dealer recommended I bring it back at 6500 miles for the first service rather than waiting 10k). Anybody else have brokern 12V connectors?
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Could you attach a photo of the broken connector?
OK, my bad. I thought the 12V connector was shattered, but it was just additional pieces from the dual USB charger. When I put the new one in last night, I thought my phone wasn't charging, but when I re-checked today, it was working fine. Sorry for any confusion...
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