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I think this is a good post.... expectations vs. reality.
Would welcome more input from users with other vehicles...
Firstly - I say LR with its 10,000 once a year service at $400+ is a bit of a joke..... Audi, MB, Lexus.... all are high end and provide loaners, free car wash, and never charge $400 for what's basically an oil change with tire rotation... especially on 4 cylinder small engine vehicles .(I am not including here any high end 8 cylinders which would be more and possibly approach that price point)
My A6 V6 3.2 liter would cost under $100 for oil/filter change + the typical check / complimentary loaner / top off all fluids / car wash etc....

SO I don't see JLR as a stand out comparing to the competition.....

Actually BMW is only one still to provide free least last year when I was shopping some point they were paying for everything (oils change, wipers, breaks)...I think some of those perks went away now. - Now that's what I would consider an outstanding bargain in the field of premium and luxury vehicles.

$136 would be fair...I'd be OK with it..... I need to do some shopping around as so far the best quote I got from JLR dealer service was $190 - just for an oil/filter change.... the service guys were quick to point out that is NOT the same as the 10k service which is required as part of the maintenance....I called them on the BS....saying everything else is just a "touch-up" I can do myself or at any other regular shop.....but they stick to their script and say that LR needs to see records of the comprehensive service every 10k miles....not just oil/filter change.

So I am afraid that at some point I will have to give in and pay $450 for a BS service.... (my car has 7000 miles on it as of now)...I will do intermediate (every 5000miles oil and filter changes myself or at a local shop) but this concept of 10k service at $450 seems like money making scheme and not a fair part of ownership experience.

This experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth and makes me want to explore other brands.....
I just asked the two dealers in Vancouver/Richmond how much the "second" service costs after the first free one.
MCL Motors quoted me $750-$950 for a whole bunch of checks that frankly Land Rover themselves don't even recommend for a 15,000miles (24,000km) service.
JLR Richmond quoted $405 (includes oil/filter change, pollen filter, multi-point inspection, tire rotation). If you minus the pollen filter change, it's $285.

My current struggle is do I want to spend $285CAD to get the oil/filter and "inspections" done to avoid possible warranty issues down the line when I know most reputable indy shops can do the same ~$100 to $120 tops.
Also, can't believe they want to charge $120 for a cabin filter change my god. That thing is like $20 OEM part or $40 if you get it from the dealer. Gahhhh

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When I asked about the second service prices initially I was told less than $300 in Langley. when it got closer to the date I Phoned Langley to see what it would set me back and was told around $700 ( I later got a written price list that ranged from $300 to $900), Richmond quoted the same, MCL said $500 but would pick car up at home. 3 weeks before service due I phoned MCL who now said $750 but could not book me in for 6 weeks.

I went to the Langley dealer bought the oil and filter and had the work none at BCAA for about $100 this included the oil I had brought with me.

I brought the car in last summer for warranty ( needed 2 injectors) work and software update ( I never received service reminders) and they asked where I had the work done as the computer showed overdue. I told them and no problem with warranty.

Next service was done at same place using Liquid Moly oil, cost was $99 and a free $10 gas card. Made an appointment, drove in had a coffee, watched them work on my car and was out in 45 minutes. Closest dealer is 30 minutes one way so it would be 2 hours driving, 1 hour doing the check in and an other 1 hour picking up the car as it is never ready.

Saved a few hundred dollars and lots of time going to independent.
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