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Just hit 10k km the other day and thought it was time for an update. I did something similar at the 1k mark:

Was planning to do a 5k or 8k update, but life got in the way! :)

Quick recap:

  • 2017 HSE with driver's tech, convenience, black pkg, navigation and heated windshield
  • Leased from Land Rover Thornhill (Toronto, Canada) Nov 2016
  • Previous car: 2002 Mazda Protege5 (!) - owned since new
  • Other cars considered and test driven: BMW X3 and X5, Mercedes GLC and GLE, Volvo XC90, Audi Q5 and Q7, Lexus NX and RX

Biggest positives with the car:

  • Exterior design (no problem admitting that this definitely influenced the purchasing decision)
  • Interior room (huge rear seat, fantastic head room in front, good size trunk)
  • Control layout (great combination of physical buttons and touch screen controls)
  • Performance in snow
  • Premium feel
  • Rotary gear selector (yes, I actually really like it! It frees up space, it is easy to use and I really like how you can just hit the ignition button when you come to a stop and the engine turns off, the wipers turn off, the lights turn off, the p brake engages, the transmission shifts to park and the rotary dial disappears!)
  • Zero reliability issues

Biggest negatives:

  • Fuel consumption
  • Transmission (yes, still)
  • Infotainment is slow


  • No way to disable mirror auto-fold feature
  • Can't scroll presets with steering wheel buttons
  • Some cheap feeling interior plastic bits
  • Auto stop/start feature goes on vacation sometimes
  • Backup camera resolution is low and grainy
  • Lumbar support not adjustable up/down
  • No compass
  • Comfortable on long drives, but not as comfortable as a large sedan - seats are good, but could be better (XC90 seats and X5 comfort seats are definitely better on long drives)
  • Some road and wind noise at highway speed - not a huge complaint, but I think this could be improved

So, basically, nothing much has changed since my initial impressions at 1k. It is still a great car that I truly enjoy driving and still take an extra look at over my shoulder after I park it to take in the sheer beauty of it. I use the eco setting combined with transmission in sport and this has improved the driving dynamics. However, that transmission is still a weak point of the car. I can't punch the throttle and expect a response. I have to push the throttle down maybe just about halfway to get the best performance, otherwise I'll be waiting and waiting until the transmission can figure out where it needs to go. This may have improved over time, but I think it's more about me having learned how to get the most out of it. It really shouldn't be this hard. The ZF 9-speed really has to go.

We have had no forced dealer visits so far. Wife went there to get them to disable the mirror auto-fold feature, but they weren't able to, so that was disappointing, but otherwise the DS has been 100% reliable.

I knew when getting the car that squeaks and rattles were perhaps the biggest weakness of this car. I'm happy to report that this hasn't been a huge issue. We have a minor dashboard squeak from around the infotainment screen during acceleration and braking, but it's worse in cold weather and it's not too loud or intrusive. There's sometimes a slight rattle from the rear seat, but I haven't been able to isolate it and it's infrequent. I have heard the ticking from the b-pillar (maybe 2 or 3 times), but that only seems to occur under very specific temperature conditions - haven't heard it in a while. Otherwise there's nothing. I realize that some of this might get worse with time and mileage, but I had expected so much more that I'm actually happy so far!

The fuel consumption really isn't great. I have driven similar sized V6 vehicles with similar or better fuel economy. We're seeing generally around 13-14 l/100 km (21-22 mpg) in city driving and rarely better than 10l/100 km on the highway (28 mpg). I know this is in line or better than what it's rated for, but I'm not having much fun achieving these numbers - it requires a really light foot). I don't see the point of these turbo 4-cylinders if they can't deliver better fuel economy. I'd much rather have the power of the V6 or the torque of a diesel. I have driven diesel cars that I can abuse for acceleration all day long without much of a fuel economy penalty - not possible on the DS. I also wouldn't mind a plug-in hybrid version (I really like the XC90 T8), but I don't think that is in the future of the DS.

As I've mentioned before, I really like the dashboard layout. It's classy, it's tidy and it's easy to use. However, the touch controls are very slow. This would be less of an issue if you could scroll radio presets from the steering wheel (I can't stop saying how unbelievably stupid this design is). I've only once had to enter an address into the GPS manually - it was a pain - never again. I much rather use voice control which actually works pretty well. The only thing I haven't figured out is how to stop guidance using voice control. Anyone? I've tried everything: Cancel, Stop Guidance, Cancel GPS, Cancel Route Guidance, Cancel Navigation, Stop Navigation, etc. - nothing works and I have to take my eyes off traffic and click on that horribly slow screen to stop guidance. Annoying.

I'm also a little baffled by the HVAC system. I should probably take the time to read the manual more carefully, but sometimes I just want straight outside air blowing through the vents with no heat or AC added. Haven't been able to do that yet. I've turned AC off, turned temp way down, and air coming through vents still feels heated compared to outside air. Just give me the cool breeze I get when I open the window - how hard should that be?

We have done a few long trips in the DS (1,000 km+) and I'm generally comfortable, but it can't rival the long range comfort of a large sedan. The suspension is set up for a tall, heavy vehicle and it doesn't soak up road imperfections in serenity like a Camry, Accord or Impala. It's also a little noisy with some road and wind noise making it into the cabin. It's not enough to be a real nuisance (it's obviously way quieter than our old Protege5!), but it is noticeable. As for zipping around town, it's not a small car, but I find it to be surprisingly nimble. I have no problem with parallel parking in tight spots or navigating narrow streets and with the proper throttle control it's easy to keep up with traffic and take advantage of gaps and openings. I actually found it to drive better on the 18" winter tires with less of a harsh ride over sharp bumps.

So, overall, we love the car. My wife uses it in her daily commute and I use it for evening and weekend errands. I'm usually the one driving the longer trips, so I've had plenty of seat time. Looking at the entry-level lux ute market right now, there's no other car we'd like to have. None of them have the combination of great qualities that the DS has. Our lease runs out in 2019. We'll spend a year abroad and then we'll be in the market again. The DS (whatever it will look like then) will definitely be in consideration. However, there are promising competitors in the pipeline. We really like the look of the new Volvo XC60 - especially the T8 which will be a beast. The XC90 had lots of teething problems, so we'll watch the XC60 closely to see if they have learned. The other one we are closely watching is the new Velar - yum! Not too sure about the control setup, but it sure looks good, and if it has some thoughtful design behind it that translates into a good user interface we might be sold. Then again, who knows what the DS will look like in 2020?


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