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So I own a 2017 Discovery 5 with the 2.0 Ingenium engine, my story is, I was driving on a dual carriage way when suddenly I had a little loss of power and the Critical Oil level warning on the dash. I pulled over immediately and the car came to a halt and stalled. Not able to start again, would turn over but not start. Called Land rover assist and as my warranty had now run out they got me recovered to a point of safety out of curtesy. The AA man checked the engine and there was no oil in it. It has spent the last two weeks at an engine and gearbox specialist who informed me that the engine needed replacing, the Turbos also needed replacing, and for good measure the failure had caused a DPF blockage so this also needed fixing. It has never missed a service and the last oil and oil filter change was done by LR themselves around 10k miles prior. It was always serviced by LR up until the last one which I got my local garage to do for me.
I am going to collect my car from the repair shop today actually, let me tell you my pockets are a lot lighter I feel sick.
How can a car like this that can tell me the spare wheel needs pumping up, or a 1500 mile pre warning that the ADblue needs topping up but it cannot tell me a critical fluid for the engine is getting low. It is utter madness, who honestly checks their dip stick nowadays. Where could have all the oil gone? I think I would have noticed it if it was burning off.
Anyways I will not be resting until LR take some of the blame for this, from what I've seen on the 2018 plate model they introduced an oil level sensor so it can be read electronically from the dash?
They initially opened up a line of communication with my Lawyer but then refused to help as I had one service done by a garage that was not a LR approved one. We will have our day in court if need be.
Incidentally the Engine specialist tell me they currently have 23 Land rover/Range rovers of a similar age all in the process of or waiting to be repaired like mine.
We are talking about a 4 year old expensive car!!!!

Would love to have your thoughts and similar stories to back up our plan of attack. They need to be held accountable.
What was the outcome in the end? Our 2016 Disco Sport with 53k miles ground to a halt with absolutely no warning and was towed to the LR dealer. We were then told that best case scenario would be £3.7k just for new turbo but it may have suffered engine failure in which case it would be £17k. They said JLR are unlikely to cover as whilst we’ve had health checks done on the car when work was done the last full service was 2018 so we are well overdue (husband was going on miles not years and it’s hardly been driven in lockdown). From what I have read on forums and from people who have contacted me on Twitter there are a lot of similar problems with this Ingenium engine (this has been confirmed by independent garages and solicitors). So now we are stuck - do we spend £1100 with the dealer to strip down the engine and get them to attempt to claim from JLR, await response and then get solicitor (covered by motor insurance policy) involved, or will we have no chance as it’s overdue a full service, in which case there’s no point in spending any money with the dealer and we should just get it repaired independently (with a recon engine if needed). Dilemmas….
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